The Sonic Difference

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The Sonic Difference

After many years of intense studies with a lot of trial and errror, testing and meticulous analysis, I know how to build a pickup today that has the charme of yesterday’s originals.

Thomas Blug , Marcus Deml & ich

To build a good sounding pickup takes much more than just magnets and wires. A large number of factors and parameters are crucial for a satisfying product.

Only experience, good craftmanship and careful analysis during production will guarantee excellent quality and incomparable and pleasing listening experiences.



''The Blue Poets'' Live – aktuelle Tour Termine 2016 !!

Blue Poets

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Messeneuheit: Marcus Deml Strat SSS Signature Set "Blue Poet"

Marcus Deml - Andreas Kloppmann developing Blue Poet Set

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Friedman Smallbox 50 Sonderpreis


stark reduziertes Einzelstück aus unserer Vorführung, volle Garantie, € 2799.—

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Fender® Custom Shop Dealer Select Fender '63 Strat Faded Taos Turquoise over 3-Tone Sunburst

'63 Strat Faded Taos Turquoise

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