The Sonic Difference


To my opinion, pickups produce the voice of an electric instument. The most unimportant parameters to discribe this voice are kOhm and µH …

Stratpickups from the 50s produce completely different sounds than their younger brothers from the end of the sixties. Guitarists should be aware that the sound of a pickup can not be described in resistance and induction only.

I have heard old original PAF pickups with a dark and earthy tone like an old red wine from Bordeaux and ones with a similar resistance that were bright, airy and lively like a fresh Rosé wine.

I prefer to hear the customer describe what he or she expects to hear from their pickup, what kind of music they’re going to play, the amp they’re using, what they didn’t like about their current pickups. These informations are a lot more important to me than the more often used pseudo-electronically values.

If you do not find Your model in the list, since your instrument is a Gibson Melody Maker, a Fender Jaguar or Jazzmaster or even a Höfner Bass, do not hesitate to contact me! I do rewindings, repairs and restaurations as well!

Foto: Claus Döpelheuer

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